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Warm and hot wax treatments
combined to suit your individual needs

Benefits of wax depilation

* Waxing is a quick and efficient way of removing hair, used for almost any part of the body

*Waxing removes both the visible hairs and the hair from the base of the root

*The regrowth appears softer and finer

*Regular treatment reduce the amount of hair growth, which also make subsequent treatments less


*The results may last for between 2-6 weeks




LADIES                                       MEN

eyebrows   £10.00        eyebrows    £10.00

underarms   £10.00       half legs     £20.00

lip             £8.00        full legs      £30.00

chin           £8.00        chest        £25.00

half legs  £17.00         chest & stomach £40.00

whole legs £25.00       shoulders & neck £20.00

arms  £15.00              whole back  £ 30.00     

bikini line  £15.00         arms  £20.00

deep bikini line £ 20.00

Brazilian, Holywood, Valentine  £ 30.00


How long does waxing last?

It varies for the different people, depending on their individual hair re-growth. After the first wax treatment most people will have re-growth after 3 weeks. This period will extend up to 8 weeks with consecutive treatments. Some people will find they can go for more than 2 months in between treatments.

Is waxing good for my skin?

Waxing is also a great method for exfoliating.  There is often a noticeable difference in the brightness and tone of skin which can be clearly seen during the process.
We use soft wax which has extracts of aloe vera and essential oils which penetrate your skin during application and leave you feeling moisturized even when the wax is removed. Waxing also increases blood circulation to the epidermis, this is often seen as redness half an hour after waxing and subsides within a few hours.  This is the process of blood bringing oxygen to your skin and carrying away toxins. After a leg wax our therapists will treat you to a mini thigh, calf and ankle massage with a cooling lotion to reduce the after-wax sensation.

Does waxing hurt?

Any hair removal from the roots will be uncomfortable but this is the most effective and affordable method. When done professionally the pain should be minimal. Our therapists are using various techniques to ensure the treatment is as painless as possible. This includes going through the necessary procedures of preparing the skin. Also we will choose the kind of wax, which is most appropriate for the area that will be treated, to give our clients the most pain-free and effective hair removal.

How to reduce in-growing hair and spots?

This is one of the most common side effects of waxing. In-growing hairs are hair strands which haven’t quite broken through the skin surface but instead fold over on themselves and create unsightly spots on the skin.
Most of the time those hair strands find their own way to the surface but in some cases the ingrowing hairs become slightly uncomfortable and a bit painful to the touch. The best and most effective method for reducing ingrowing hairs is to exfoliate daily for at least two weeks after your waxing session. Using a good quality loafer or hand exfoliating gloves does the trick. Make sure that the whole waxed area is exfoliated gently. You don’t have to be too harsh with the scrubbing, but it is important to exfoliate daily.

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